*Our Goal: Conduct an Ongoing Study Group for Residents

to Find and Maintain Ideal Happiness for Life.

The  meetings, led by Bob Nozik, MD, are held on the third Wednesday of the month(usually) in the Solarium in Dollar Clubhouse 10:30 - Noon.   

    We all understand emotional happiness like retiring or getting a new car or winning the World Series, but these are all short lived bursts of happy emotion which quickly dissipate.  What we are pursuing is Ideal Happiness which is to live in a state of perpetual happiness.  This is not, "pie in the sky" thinking.  You can actually learn to be a constantly happy person.  In 2017 we review Bob’s book “Happy 4 Life: here’s how to do it” as our text book.


18 Aug: Introduction & Summary
15 Sep.: Key #1: Conscious Awareness
20 Oct: Key #2: Self-Like/Self-Love

17 Nov: Key #3: Self-Esteem

15 Dec: Key #4: Appreciation/Gratitude
19 Jan: Key #5: Acceptance

19 Feb: Key #6: Responsible Adulthood

18 Mar: Key #7: Non-Judgement

18 Dec: Key #8: Pollyanna's Game

15 Jan, 2020: Key #9: Handling Mistakes

16 Feb: Key #10: Individuality

16 Mar: Key #11: Perfection

20 Apr: Key #12: Present-Moment Living

18 May: Detours Along The Happiness Highway

15 Jun: How To Change

 ​If you choose to participate in the monthly program,  you need to purchase the textbook Happy 4 Life at the discounted price of $15 from Dick Powell or at the meeting.  The program is open to all interested residents first, and if space allows, non-residents.  Our goal is to share this wonderful program with as many people as possible.  

There is no cost for the programs, although small donations would be helpful to cover room cost of $20 plus materials and video monthly costs.    

Contact: Dick Powell, 925-238-6366 or DickPowell53@aol.com, 

Monthly Meeting on 3rd Wednesday