with Mimi Salamat, Joy Maynes & Bertha Reilly

Rossmoor Residents

A fun program to increase your happiness the First Saturday of each 

Month, 9 - 10:30 AM (usually 1st Saturday) in the Echo Room in the

Lobby of The Event Center.  

Preceded by a 30 minute Meditation beginning at 8:30 AM.

See: for history and benefits.  You will love it, it is

such fun! Mimi, Bertha and Joy are certified Laughter Yoga Teachers

and residents of Rossmoor.  There is no charge for this program but

small donations to offset room setup fees of $20 are appreciated.

Resources for your study:
Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers:
Dr. Mimi Salamat 509 280-1614
Joy Maynes 925 954-1666

Bertha Reilly 510 499 2862