by Laurie J. Cameron    
"Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening.”

"A wise, delightful, and life-changing book, combining inspiration with delicious, practical ways to make well being come alive in your day."
                              —Jack Kornfield, Mindfulness Guru

 We have it for $16 at all our meetings. It is the new "Bible" of Mindfulness.


Winter & Spring 2019 Program


2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Saturday Mornings at the Fairway Room, Creekside Clubhouse,

 8:30 - 10:30 am

We will again show this 24 session DVD. This is the scientific bible of how mindfulness can change your brain to being happier by learning to live in the present moment and live with loving kindness as your primary modus operandi.
1.  8 Dec: Why Mindfulness Matters
2.  15 Dec: Our Troublesome Brains
3.  22 Dec: Informal, Formal & Intensive Practices
4.  29 Dec: Who am I? The Perils of Self
5.  19 Jan: Mindfulness or Psychotherapy?

6.  30 Jan: Attention & Empathy in Relationships
7.  9 Feb: The Science of Compassion & Self Compassion
8.  16 Feb: Tailoring Practices to fit Changing Needs
9.  23 Feb: Modifying Our Brain Function & Structure
10.  9 Mar: Solitude-An Antidote to Loneliness
16 Mar: Connecting with Children & Adolescents
12.  23 Mar: Seeing Sadness & Depression in a New Light
13.  30 Mar: Befriending Fear, Worry & Anxiety
14.  13 Apr: Transforming Chronic Pain
15.  20 April: Placebos, Illness & the Power of Belief
16.  27 April: Interrupting Addiction & Troublesome Habits

17.  11 May: Overcoming Traumas Large & Small

18.  18 May: Groundbreaking Mindfulness Programs

19.  25 May: The Neurobiology of Self-Preoccupation

20.  8 June: Growing Up Isn't Easy - Facing Impermanence 

21.  15 June: Toward a Science of Wisdom

22.  22 June: The Promise of Enlightenment

23.  29 June: Mindful Ethics as a Path to Freedom

24.  12 July: The New Science of Happiness

Each week we separate into small groups and together discuss the presentation. Very rich sharing and learning occurs and participants have been quite happy. 

There will be no cost for the program, although small donations would be helpful to cover the $40 weekly room and video cost.